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Urban Freight Delivery and Logistics 2/2 9:45-11:30am

A workshop to discuss how Freight Transportation can utilize data, sensors, applications, and other emerging technologies to reduce congestion, increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce environmental impacts.

Topics include local drayage for shipping and logistics, “last 50” logistics for consumer freight delivery, unmanned aerial delivery, and other topics. Hosted by Greta Knappenberger, iSoftStone.

9:45 - Introduction by Greta Knappenberger, Director of Smart Cities, iSoftStone North America

9:55 - Christine Wolf, NW Seaport Alliance: Leveraging Connected Technologies to Improve Intermodal Freight Drayage

10:15 - Suman Narayanan, Daimler Trucks North America: Highly Automated Vehicles and their impact on Trucking

10:35 - Susie Lahsene, Director Policy and Planning, Port of Portland, Connected Corridor

10:55 - Mariah Scott, 3D Urban Planning for Aerial Freight Delivery

11:20 - Curated interactive discussion on the future of urban freight transport

Hosts: Greta Knappenberger, iSoftStone and Susie Lahsene, Port of Portland