Simulator Research Questions

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Below are the questions addressed in the Simulator Research Panel. Please add your comments (with you name) after each question.


Different simulation technologies, their role in the X-Stack software evaluation, and expected outcome.

  • What simulation environment are you using? Wilf
    • e.g. FSIM Blackcomb SST
  • Where is that simulation environment lacking? Wilf
    • e.g. Need data to calibrate power estimates
  • Can you meet your needs with simulator tools and components that already exist? Wilf
    • e.g. Is further investment required or will the tools get the job done
  • What opportunities do you see to align simulators to maximize results and minimize tools development?

Infrastructure, Interoperability, Interaction

Infrastructure, interoperability, and interaction with co-design centers.

  • What software software/applications are you planning to use to exercise the simulator? Wilf
  • Are there any issues with your current software and applications plan and how could they be resolved? Wilf


Role of emulation to supplement simulations for X-Stack.

  • Do you have an emulation environment?
  • How are you calibrating your simulations?