Global City Teams Challenge Super Action Cluster Summit

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Listed here are the file links and editable Wiki entries for various agenda items:

Time Description Host location
Wednesday Workshop Information
8:00AM Breakfast Keynote: Global Smart City Trends Speaker: Ruthbea Clarke, International Data Corporation Room: C123/124
9:45AM Trimet - Portland, Oregon Speaker: Bibiana McHugh, IT Manager of GIS and Location-Based Service Room: C123/124
10:00AM Montgomery County, Maryland Speaker: Dan Hoffman, Chief Innovation Officer Room: C123/124
10:15AM Porto, Portugal Speaker: Paulo Calçada, CEO, Porto Digital Room: C123/124
10:30AM Passaic County, New Jersey Speaker: Michael Lysicatos, Assistant Director at the Passaic County Department of Planning and Economic Development Room: C123/124
10:45AM Centennial, Colorado Speaker: Melanie Morgan, Innovation Team Data Analyst Room: C123/124
11:00AM Hong Kong Speaker: Rosanna Wong, Hong Kong Smart Cities Consortium Room: C123/124
11:30AM Portland Beureau of Transportation Speaker: Margi Bradway, Active Transportation Division Manager Room: C123/124
11:45AM Orlando, Florida Speaker: Charles Ramdatt, Transportation Engineering Executive Room: C123/124
12:00PM Ancona, Italy Speaker: Fabiano Compagnucci, Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Room: C123/124
12:15PM Columbus, Ohio Speaker: Sherry Kish, Deputy Director, Columbus Department of Technology Room: C123/124
12:30PM Bellevue, Washington Speaker: Chris Long, Traffic Engineering Manager Room: C123/124
12:45PM Privacy and Security Moderator: John Feo (PNNL) Room: C123/124
1:45PM Urban Mobility - First and Last Mile Hosts: Wilfred Pinfold (, Skip Newberry (TAO) Room: C125/126
1:45PM Sensors - Sensor Network Development Host: Christine Kendricks (City of Portland) Room: C120-122
Thursday Workshop Information
9:45AM Freight - Urban Freight Delivery and Logistics Host: Greta Knappenberger (iSoftStone) Room: C-120
9:45AM CityWeb Workshop Host: Daniel Frye ( Room: C-121
9:45AM Transportation Modeling Host: John Feo (PNNL) Room: C-125
9:45AM Regulatory and Policy Host: Joachim Talber (ITIC) Room: C-126
9:45AM City-University-Private Partnerships in Transportation Hosts: John MacArthur, Charles Ramdatt, Kristin Tufte Room: C-122

February 1 afternoon sessions:

Urban Mobility - First and Last Mile - Last mile is a term used in supply chain management and transportation planning to describe the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination in the home. In this workshop we consider the hub to be transporation points (train, bus, trucking, etc.) in a transit system and the first and last mile refers to moving people and goods to and from home, work, shopping, events and other destinations. We will focus on improved and affordable access to transporation points, accessability for disabled and in need, pollution reduction, advanced mobility, wellness, and livability - Co-Hosts - Wilf Pinfold, & Skip Newberry, TAO

Sensors - Sensor Network Development Workshop - In this workshop, discussions will be led focusing on the project stages involved in developing a sensor network. These stages include designing and finalizing use cases for sensor data, selecting the appropriate sensor package for your use cases, privacy and community engagement processes, installation plans, data communication, and data management. Cities, counties, and other types of project teams will provide overviews of sensor deployment projects and lessons learned during any of the various project stages to help facilitate the development of sensor networks in new areas and improve existing projects. - Host Christine Kendrick, City of Portland

Privacy and Security - Privacy, Security, and Smart Cities - The panel on transportation cybersecurity issues within a Smart Cities framework with an emphasis on privacy, trust, and identity, and EV charging, storage, and electrification. The panel will discuss the current technological state of practice, critical issues, and future/emerging capabilities.

Poster Session - The following posters were presented alongside the industry showcase.

February 2 morning breakout sessions:

Freight- Urban Freight Delivery and Logistics - A workshop to discuss how Freight Transportation can utilize data, sensors, applications, and other emerging technologies to reduce congestion, increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce environmental impacts. Topics include local drayage for shipping and logistics, “last 50” logistics for consumer freight delivery, unmanned aerial delivery, and other topics. - Host - Greta Knappenberger, iSoftStone

CityWeb Workshop - Smart City CityWeb Workshop - A workshop to discuss building a community and utilizing collaborative development techniques, open data and open source to make Smart City Applications easier to develop, deploy, and maintain, as part of a CityWeb implementation. Host - Daniel Frye,

Transportation Modeling - This breakout session will examine the status of current transportation modeling systems, data and technology challenges, and future expectations. Host - John Feo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Regulatory and Policy - This workshop will discuss how Federal and State regulations and policies will influence smart city development. In particular it will address the testing and operation of automated vehicles safety and security. In order to follow regulations and policies the key question is to what degree system validation as well as infrastructure preparation is required. Host - Joachim Taiber, International Transportation Innovation Center.

City-University-Private Partnerships in Transportation - The goal of this session is to develop a vision for synergies that could result from partnerships between universities, cities and the private sector in the transportation domain. Host - Kristin Tufte, Portland State University.

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