Projects and their Geographical Locations

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Campus Projects

Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP)

Description: 20 Acre Science Park 1.2 Miles from Rapid Transit Line (MTR)
Current Transportation: Rapid Transit Line (MTR), Bus and Car
Team Contact: Dan Frye

Easton Shopping Center

Description: Easton Town Center is a central location within a 1,300 acre master-planned development
Current Transportation: Car
Team Contact: Sherry Kish

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Description: 16 Acre Musium Campus Adjacent to Transit Point
Current Transportation: Light Rail, Street Car, Bus, and Car
Team Contact: Wilfred Pinfold

Corridor Projects

Powell Corridor

Description: Powell-Division Transit and Development Project
Transportation: Car, Bus and possible Bus Rapid Transit.
Team Contact: Skip Newberry