Reproducible Computational Science

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Computational science has enable significant breakthroughs in science and engineering but, a number of factors make this work dificulty to reproduce. Reproducibility is a foundation of the scientific method so we must to redouble our efforts to make this work easy to reproduce.



Topic Presentation Discussion Action
Professional Societies TBD ACM, IEEE, Other Move societies and their key conferences towards delivering for free the full package of scientific discovery so the work can be easily reproduced.
Vocabulary TBD NSF Remove the ambiguity in terminology e.g. Reproducibility, Replicability
Conferences TBD SC, SIAM, CLSAC Support conferences in developing best known methods for review and documentation.
Tools TBD Notebooks, Runtimes, Portability, Productivity, reproducibility. Document best tools to inform communities and support the development of tools that are missing
Analytics TBD Support analytics communities e.g. combustion, CFD, Astrophysics, etc. Raise awareness of what is possible


Date Event Location
March 8-10th, 2017 National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquium Reproducibility of Research: Issues and Proposed Remedies Washington D.C
February 25 – 26, 2017 Platform SuperCluster Workshop Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences & Engineering University of California at Irvine