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This workshop builds on the great work done by the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), a collaborative network of project teams, or “Action Clusters,” working on groundbreaking applications of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies within the smart city/community environment. On October 25-26 the GCTC SuperCluster meeting in Washington DC launched cross municipality teams to focus on specific smart city topics. This workshop continues the work started in that session to build a Transportation Master Plan - Last Mile.

The primary municipalities involved in the first GCTC Supercluster meeting included Baltimore, Chattanooga, Columbus, DC, Florence, Greeneville, Milan, and Portland. We are encouraging the participation of other municipalities who recognise the need for a first/last mile solution. We further encourage participants to review the Transportation Master Plan - Last Mile and offer improvements, extensions and simplifications.

For those looking for more context we encourage review of the whitehouse announcements on smart city technology including the Fact Sheet the Obama White House produced on “Smart Cities” to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services and the report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), Technology and the Future of Cities, which lays out why now is a good time to promote technologies for cities.

Urban Mobility Workshop Deliverables
Identify Owners for Sections Wilfred Pinfold February 15, 2017 Underway
Create Blueprint for Last Mile/First Mile Wilfred Pinfold March, 2017 Underway
Submit Master Plan Document Wilfred Pinfold March, 2017
Urban Mobility Workshop Resources
Transportation Last Mile Master Plan Master Plan - Last Mile In Development
Last Mile/First Mile Blueprint Document from Workshop Last Mile/First Mile EVA Blueprint In Development
White House Fact Sheet Fact Sheet For Reference
PCAST Report "Technology and the Future of Cities" Technology and the Future of Cities For Reference

The Call to Action

As discussed in the breakout session, the Last Mile/First Mile EVA Blueprint is the template we are creating. We will be crowdsourcing the content here. Please feel free to add/change/comment. We will also be looking for volunteers to be editors of individual sections, but everyone should feel free to add to any component. Remember, all Last Mile/First Mile solutions will be valid, but we are starting with Electric Autonomous Vehicles (EVA) as the first example.

Last Mile/First Mile EVA Blueprint

For questions/comments about the content of the Blueprint, please add those directly into the Blueprint at the appropriate place. For questions/comments about the overall goal of the Blueprint or other organizational questions, please query Daniel Frye at daniel.frye@urban.systems.